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MUMMING - Coventry Mummers - 2014

Ron Shuttleworth is the keeper of costumes of the Coventry Mummers, and of the Morris Ring Folk-Play Archive.
These portraits have been made with Ron at his house and always in the same location. The custom of Mumming is a rural activity and players perform from house to house, once a year only.

“The wallpaper was the only thing my wife ever let me choose. We have been going since time immoral, and there are damn few of us left." Ron Shuttleworth

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PROJECT TOBONG - Arts Council & British Council Indonesia - 2013

Project Tobong is a collaboration between British artist Helen Marshall and Indonesian artist Risang Yuwono. It is a research and development art project with the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last remaining theatre troupes in Yogyakarta, Java. Supported by Arts Council and British Council, Risang Yuwono visited the UK for the first time in 2013, and undertook a residency at Gasworks, The artists are currently working towards a presentation and publication of their work in Jakarta, Indonesia and at the Horniman Museum in London.

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THE PEOPLE'S MONARCH - BBC South East - 2012

Helen Marshall, is an expert at creating large scale photo-mosaics, including the world’s largest photo-mosaic ‘The Big Picture'. She was commissioned by BBC South East Today to create an artwork to commerrorate the Queen's Jubilee. This toured to four locations, Towner Gallery, Turner Contemporary, Rochester Cathedral and is currently at Gatwick Airport. In 2014 she set up the 'The People's Picture'.

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