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5 days ago
"[The Face of WW1] portrait image was selected not only because of its important historical context, being sited clearly in its own time, but because it is a face that could also exist in the here and now, in our time." - @HelenMarshallUK HelenMarshallUK photo
7 days ago
‘The People’s Monarch’ was commissioned by @bbcsoutheast and depicts the Queen at the time of her coronation and at her #DiamondJubilee. It is 38 square metres and contains 5,000 photos. HelenMarshallUK photo
1 week ago
Collecting the photos a very personal experience for everybody. Behind each #photo is someone with a story, a fanatical collector, or a quiet voice that deserves to be heard. @PeoplesPicture photo mosaics celebrate the individual and are a great way to commemorate an event. HelenMarshallUK photo
2 weeks ago
“The People’s Moon is an opportunity for the public to join all of the world’s citizens to become a part of a living legacy time capsule,” explained artist @HelenMarshallUK co-founder of #ThePeoplesMoon. #apollo50th HelenMarshallUK photo
2 weeks ago
How to represent #liberation ? The Channel Islands were the only British Islands occupied in WW2. Where to start? Some are still living 75 years later. #liberation75 What does liberation mean to you? HelenMarshallUK photo
2 weeks ago
On July 20, 1969, #Apollo11 fulfilled the dreams of humanity by landing on the Moon. @PeoplesPicture created giant photo mosaics at global locations - @TimesSquareNYC, London #PiccadillyLights and @ArtSciMuseum Singapore.
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HelenMarshallUK photo
1 month ago
Overwhelmed with the final #takeover of London Piccadilly & Times Square NYC today - the results of extreme hard work #thepeoplesmoon #Apollo50th & self resourcefulness. Believe in yourself all #women. Thank you to all & WATCH OUT next - #2020 WOMEN'S VOTE 100 years @Xtina_Korp HelenMarshallUK photo
1 month ago
July 20,1969, 50 years later, the moon is coming to Manhattan. Artist @HelenMarshallUK of The People's Picture will debut her giant, floor-based mosaic of a moon boot populated with photos of people from around the world printed by Prolific. #apollo50th HelenMarshallUK photo
1 month ago
Walk on the Moon – Guests will be able to walk on a giant, floor-based mosaic of the iconic Moon boot print created by UK Artist Helen Marshall of The People’s Picture. HelenMarshallUK photo
1 month ago
It’s happening! Next weekend, whether you be in New York, London or Singapore. 3 Giant moon artworks. I will be at London Piccadilly when we dominate the Lights between 9-10pm, the moment humans first landed #apollo50th @nasahqphoto @TimesSquareNYC @OceanOutdoorUK @LandsecGroup
HelenMarshallUK photo
Times Square @TimesSquareNYC
Do you dream of going to the moon? In just a few days, you can!
#TimesSquare is celebrating #Apollo50 by turning the Crossroads of the World into the site of the moon landing with @PeoplesPicture and the @AldrinFamilyFdn!
Learn all about it here:

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