4 weeks ago
Thrilled to receive a grant offer letter from Arts Council England today @ace_national ace_national. Not won entirely on merit this time - I do hope that many are successful. Will get deep into tech, interactive tools for photographic archives online. https://t.co/69TO22I4dY https://t.co/UPy3HBlVlB HelenMarshallUK photo
4 weeks ago
#ProjectTobong is a project led by @HelenMarshallUK with #RisangYuwono. It revolves around the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last nomadic theatre troupes, based in Java. I'm proud that @HornimanMuseum is keeping 'Airport' in their collection. #MuseumFromHome https://t.co/uYXXNawi9m HelenMarshallUK photo
2 months ago
I have been working on a wonderful commission from Art House Jersey, the project celebrates Freedom & Liberty - that really seems matter right now more than ever. The collection of photographs of faces ends tonight MIDNIGHT. To be part of the story; https://t.co/DxQRzZdrFY #Lib75 https://t.co/z7kpkd5Uae HelenMarshallUK photo

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