3 weeks ago
I have been working on a wonderful commission from Art House Jersey, the project celebrates Freedom & Liberty - that really seems matter right now more than ever. The collection of photographs of faces ends tonight MIDNIGHT. To be part of the story; https://t.co/DxQRzZdrFY #Lib75 https://t.co/z7kpkd5Uae HelenMarshallUK photo
2 months ago
BBC News - Photos from families ripped apart by the Holocaust https://t.co/mKi6a0NYSE
3 months ago
Thrilled to be making a new public artwork for #jersey #channelislands #liberation75 #thepeoplespicture @thepeoplespicture @JEPnews @ArtHouseJersey https://t.co/lET22yIxA2
HelenMarshallUK photo
ArtHouse Jersey @ArtHouseJersey
As part of the Island’s official celebrations of Liberation 75, we are creating one of the most ambitious pieces of public art Jersey has seen: the 'Face of Liberation’. Click the link below to submit a photo! #Lib75 https://t.co/6pp0W98zYY https://t.co/CiLto658jT
5 months ago
Arrived Hawes, Yorkshire, bitterly cold , dramatically beautiful. I am incredibly excited to be working with The NASH and Dales Countryside Museum on a new project 'The Story of Schools’ supported by @HeritageFundNOR @HeritageFundUK and @yorkshire_dales https://t.co/RpLoPosEYb https://t.co/KNkQILoPSi HelenMarshallUK photo
7 months ago
LA, Pasadena. Visit to Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Once in a lifetime opp. Thanks to @Xtina_Korp @tweetsoutloud @NASAJPL #mars #nasa #jpl https://t.co/AcS8UQeuaw HelenMarshallUK photo
7 months ago
Don't miss this chance to see this exhibition starting next week. DISTINCTLY - WILLIAMSON ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, WIRRAL. A bridge between chapter one and chapter two of LOOK Photo Biennial 2019. Artists: Martin Parr, Chris Killip, Marketa Luskacova and many more. @WilliamsonArt_ https://t.co/uLx7k5tn47 HelenMarshallUK photo

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