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The Face of Liberation | BBC News | 2020

Some Islanders may not have been able to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Liberation as planned, but today the largest piece of community art ever created in Jersey was revealed to capture the spirit of liberation, bringing together 6,000 Islanders to celebrate one special lady.
Watch the video here.

The Face of Liberation | ITV News | 2020

This mosaic marking 75 years of freedom has been unvieled in Jersey. Situated near Liberation Square, the ‘Face of Liberation’ features more than 6,000 photos of Islanders past and present. But there’s one face that’s more conspicuous than all the others. Watch the video here.

Unveiling the Face | Jersey Evening Post | 2020

When artist Helen Marshall looked through 50 photographs of elderly Islanders taken by a photographer on a single day earlier this year, one face stood out as the face of the child she had seen previously on the Occupation identity card. 
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Liberation Revealed | Jersey Evening Post | 2020

The large mural to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Island’s Liberation deom German forces is to be unveiled today – with 92-year-old Barbara Jouanny chosen as the Face of Liberation.
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Woman chosen as Face of Liberation ‘overwhelmed’ | BBC News | 2020

Barbara Jouanny, 92, has been revealed as Jersey’s Face of Liberation. She was one of more than 6,000 people who sent in a photograph of themselves to form the giant collage. The pictures were then pieced together to make the face of a teenage Ms Jouanny. The Face was unveiled at the Esplanade earlier.

‘Face of Liberation’ unveiled in Jersey | ITV News | 2020

Jersey’s largest piece of community artwork will be revealed to the public today. “The Face of Liberation” is being unveiled to celebrate 75 years since the island was freed from Occupation. The huge scale photo mosaic covers over 1,000 square feet of wall space on the Esplanade in St Helier and features 6,070 faces of Jersey residents past and present.

Ida B. Wells gets her due… | Washington Post | 2020

Her image is arresting. Hundreds of people walking through Washington’s Union Station this week paused to look at the huge photo mosaic of anti-lynching crusader and suffragist Ida B. Wells-Barnett on the marble floor.
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Mosaic Memory | BBC News | 2020

A 1,000-square-foot mosaic of civil rights leader, suffragist, and anti-lynching advocate Ida B. Wells will be at Union Station starting Monday, August 24. The art installation features tiles illustrating 5,000 historic photographs that altogether depict a portrait of Wells.
Watch the video here.

Mosaic Honors Pioneering Civil Rights Leader Ida B. Wells | Washington News 4 | 2020

A mosaic at Union Station honours civil rights icon Ida B. Wells. Tommy McFly reports.
Watch the video here.

A 1,000-square-foot mosaic installed at Union Station in DC | CNN | 2020

It’s been 100 years since American women were granted the right to vote. To commemorate this milestone, a massive mosaic of suffragist and civil rights leader, Ida B. Wells, is being installed on the floor of Union Station in Washington DC.
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A 1,000-Square-Foot Mosaic  Welcomes Visitors to D.C.’s Union Station | Smithsonian Magazine | 2020

In September 1883, a conductor on a train bound from Memphis to Woodstock, Tennessee, ordered a young Ida B. Wells to leave her first-class seat in the rear coach, which he claimed was reserved for white passengers. She fought back…
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Massive portrait honouring civil rights leader Ida B. Wells coming to Union Station | Fox 5 DC | 2020

A massive art installation honouring iconic suffragist and civil rights leader Ida B. Wells is coming to Union Station. The 1,000-square-foot mosaic, titled Our Story: Portraits of Change, is comprised of thousands of historical photos of suffragists that as a whole make a portrait of Wells.
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Rainbows for the NHS | BBC South East Today | 2020

You may well remember back in 2012 how we all help to create an amazing photo mosaic of the queen called The People’s Monarch, well now the artist behind it is creating another huge mosaic in the shape of a rainbow to mark the way we’ve managed to get through the lockdown and celebrate the NHS in time for it’s 72nd birthday on the 5th July.
Watch more here.

Art installation celebrating NHS ‘stories of hope’ launches in Piccadilly Circus | Evening Standard | 2020

An art installation celebrating “stories of hope” from the NHS has been launched in Piccadilly Circus. From Monday, more than 12,000 photos and stories will be displayed at the iconic London hotspot. They have all been collected from key workers, carers, patients and NHS staff to create a “giant interactive rainbow mosaic”. 
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NHS ‘stories of hope’ light up London’s Piccadilly Circus | ITV News | 2020

Launching on Monday, more than 12,000 photos and stories have been collected for the project from key workers, carers, patients and NHS staff, which will be displayed at the central London location. 
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NHS stories of ‘hope’ displayed at London’s Piccadilly Circus | Express Star | 2020

A photo project celebrating “stories of hope” from the NHS is being screened at London’s Piccadilly Circus. Launching on Monday, more than 12,000 photos and stories have been collected for the project from key workers, carers, patients and NHS staff, which will be displayed at the central London location.
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The Latest | The Gazette | 20200

A young boy holds a painted rainbow as pictures appear on a screen during a 10-minute domination on The Piccadilly Lights, Piccadilly Circus, to mark the launch of The People’s Picture interactive mosaic art project Rainbows for the NHS in London, Monday, June 22, 2020. 
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Artistic Explorations | Global Citizen Magazine | 2020

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 fulfilled the dreams of humanity by landing on the Moon. As Armstrong took his first step, he famously said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” At that exact moment 50 years later, humans on Earth took their first step on The People’s Moon interactive art installation.
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The Face of Liberation | ITV News | 2020

Thousands of selfies are wanted for Liberation 75 project in Jersey.

See video here

Celebrating Our Freedom | Jersey Evening Post | 2020

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation, ArtHouse Jersey is launching what it hopes will be the biggest community art project the Islands has seen and is calling on everyone to get involved.

Jersey Evening Post | Strong Response to Call for Images for Public Art Project | 2020

Jersey will have a ‘really stunning’ visual exhibition when a public art project transforms the historic site of the Liberation celebrations near Weighbridge, according to the artist leading the project.

Helen Marshall said that she has been excited by Islanders’ response to the call to take part in the largest collaborative piece of public art Jersey had seen.

Apollo 11 Anniversary: How to Celebrate This Weekend | New York Times | 2019

Presented by the Aldrin Family Foundation in partnership with “The People’s Moon,” an online project by the British artist Helen Marshall, the festival will turn the pavement into a giant mosaic featuring Neil Armstrong’s lunar boot print overlaid with photos collected from spaceflight enthusiasts around the world.
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Documentary Magazine | ‘The People’s Moon’: A Collective Memory in Mosaic and VR | 2019

Over half a century since man landed on the moon, the world might still be as uncertain, especially when the advance of climate change is brought into the fold, and peoples’ collective consciousness is decidedly fractured. But there is a group of three women—each with distinctive talents—who have had one goal of bringing us back together for another moment. 
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ITV News | Thousands of Selfies Wanted for Lib75 Project in Jersey | 2020

Thousands of selfies are wanted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Liberation.  Launched last week, it aims to create one large face made up of up to 10,000 smaller ones of people who live in Jersey now and in the past. The 1,000-square-foot piece will be pulled together by British artist Helen Marshall, known for her mural of the Queen which was displayed at Gatwick Airport in 2013.
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NASA Twitter | 2019

Around the globe today, the #Apollo50th anniversary was celebrated. Crowds gathered earlier at Moon displays from the Aldrin Family Foundation and The Peoples Picture in London’s Piccadilly Circus and at Times Square NYC. Did you watch any of today’s #Apollo50th Moon landing coverage?
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BBC London | Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing | 2019

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with Tom Kerss and Helen Marshall.
Listen here

Going Back To The Moon | The Times | 2019

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission will be marked at landmarks including the Washington Monument, Times Square in New York and the satellite tracking station in Australia that relayed footage of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.
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NASA | Events Celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary | 2019

Events Celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary July 20, 2019, Times Square to transform into Tranquility Base, the Moon landing site, in honour of 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Times Square – New York City.
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Thousands of selfies help create mosaic of suffragette | ITV News | 2018

An art installation marking 100 years since women were given the vote has been unveiled at Birmingham New Street station. The floor-based artwork called “The Face of Suffrage” is made of a mosaic of more than 3,700 images of women from across the West Midlands and the UK.
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Pictures of the Day | The Telegraph | 2018

A giant 65ft mosaic portrait of militant Suffragette Hilda Burkitt has been unveiled in the atrium of Grand Central at Birmingham New Street Station. The mosaic is made up of 3,724 photos submitted by members of the public to create the artwork.
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Women’s selfies sought for giant Face of Suffrage artwork | BBC | 2018

Photos of thousands of girls and women are to form a giant mosaic of a suffragette to mark 100 years since the first British women won the vote. Artist Helen Marshall called for selfies and photos of women in people’s lives “you wish to celebrate” for the Face of Suffrage project. “It’s not just about brave and daring stories,” she said. “It’s really about taking part and being visible.” Read more here.

BBC News at Six | 2014

The Face of WW1 featured on the BBC News at Six with Fiona Bruce and David Sillito in 2014.

Remembrance Day 2014: How will we remember them? | BBC iWonder | 2014

Scroll through for a step-by-step guide to each process with BBC iWonder.
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Portrait Unveiled as the Face of Stoke On Trent | BBC | 2017

A large portrait made up of hundreds of small photos has been put up to celebrate a city’s people. The 4m (13ft) tall image of Jozef Clark, 23, was unveiled earlier for the Face of Stoke-on-Trent project.
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Digital mosaic of fallen World War One soldier created | BBC | 2014

David Sillito talks to artist Helen Marshall about the story behind the Face of WW1.
Watch here

Artist Uses 30,000 Images To Create Historical Digital Mosaic | artnet 2014

How do you put a face to a war that occurred a century ago? British artist Helen Marshall has done exactly that, compiling over 30,000 photo images from World War I to create a memorial mosaic in the form of a portrait of a World War I private. The soldier’s compelling face, she explained to the BBC, “could also exist in the here and now, in our time.” 
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The Face of WW1 | Culture24 | 2014

Helen Marshall, an artist whose giant mosaic of the Queen was seen by thousands of people during a tour which took in Gatwick Airport, was commissioned to reflect the image of Private James Beaney with the help of 20,000 audience faces captured during a series of BBC events. 
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The Big Picture | Times Online | 2008

Almost 113,000 photographs covering an area of three tennis courts have been collected together to make the world’s largest photographic mosaic.
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Digital Graffiti Festival | 2017 | Digital Arts | USA

The 20 artists creating ‘digital graffiti’ on the white walls of a Florida coastal town. Last year, we visited the Digital Graffiti festival in Florida – where the gleamingly white coastal town of Alys Beach gives itself over to colour after dark. In May, the festival returns again for its tenth year, and the 20 artists taking part have just been announced. 
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The People’s Monarch | Towner Gallery | 2012

A portrait of The Queen has been commissioned by BBC South East Today which will be entirely made up of photographs of the people of the region.

Around 10,000 images will be needed for a huge photo-mosaic of the Queen. The photos can be portraits, family photos, shots of people in front of their favourite South East landmark, people in their garden or on a fairground ride – anything at all as long as it shows local faces. The pictures can be black and white or colour, recent or old. They will be included in a work of art, made in collaboration with the artist Helen Marshall, entitled The People’s Monarch.

Digital Graffiti Festival | Artillery Magazine | 2017

Meandering along the shell-encrusted path, eyes are drawn to one of the house’s belfries; there, under a soft bulb, a giant moth beats its wings. This isn’t a native species—it’s Nightfall (2017) by Helen Marshall. The UK-based artist scanned a sun-bleached toy moth and animated it into being. Then Brett Phares, the festival’s curator, projected it onto Alys Beach.
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