Supported by:
Goethe-Institute, Beijing
Greenwood Global Media, USA
Institute for New Media, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Helen worked with Digital Art Projects and helped curate an exhibition and produce a short video for Field of Vision, China. Digital Art Projects is a network of artists interested in international collaboration for example Field of Vision, a pioneering artwork that fuses photography, performance and the moving image. The group works between the UK and Berlin with its permanent virtual base on the web-servers at the Institute for New Media in Frankfurt a.M. [INM]. The group has initiated projects with artists whose home countries are as far apart as Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Chile, Nigeria, Senegal, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Serbia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Field of Vision was created in three distinct stages, the week long process of building the field begins with pasting a wallpaper of digitally stitched photographs; a journey between Shanghai and Beijing. These layers form the backdrop for a vast collection of over a thousand visual blogs and as the work evolves, it migrates from billboard poster to a complex mosaic of overlapping, idiosyncratic perceptions of China. Field of Vision: Beijing, the culmination of a year’s work by its artistic director Stephan Hausmeister and the Gao Brothers in collaboration with a core group of international artists. The Installation predominantly features work by Chinese artists brought together by the Gao Brothers. Featured artists include Cang Xin, Feifei Lu, Han Bing, Ji Shengli (Hei Yue), Lao Liu (Tian Yi Bin), Fei Liu, Ma Han, Miao Xiaochun, QingQing, Ye Fu.

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