Nothing To Declare | Bow Festival | Space Studios | London 2003

nothing to declare

Roman Road Revel, Bow Festival, Space Studios, Curators Zana Wood & Ashley McCormick.

35 artists were specially commissioned to make new work for the Bow Festival in varying locations throughout Bow from the local library to a travelling bingo hall. Nothing To Declare was an interactive installation that took place at Roman Road Market, East London. Two market stalls housed a laptop, scanner, printer, sticky labels, 300 take away bags and objects from the market and public themselves.

Founded in 1968, SPACE is an arts educational charity which produces dynamic environments where individuals and communities can engage in creative processes. SPACE organised the Bow Festival on behalf of Tower Hamlets Housing Action Trust (THHAT). The Bow festival celebrated the completion of THHAT’s 10 year building programme in Bow and aims to make a lasting contribution to the local area through learning opportunities and promoting respect and the use of Bow’s public spaces.

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